SGS Model

SGS Model

SGS model by Robertson: Stakeholders

SGS model as a basis for requirements development and business modelling is suggested by James and Suzanne Robertson. SGS stands for Stakeholders, Goals, Scope (of the project). All three components are interacting (see the picture below) and define the space in which project requirements are being shaped.

Stakeholders notion

Stakeholder is a person or a group of people with whom Business Analyst can interact directly. Stakeholder can influence (directly or indirectly) IT project outcomes.For Stakeholders identification Robertson suggest using the map (based on system approach aspects), that helps detect all the people involved and define their influence on the project. It’s important to note, that BA should take into account not only people who take interest, but also those who can affect the project negatively. This map is shown below.

It is necessary to make clear what influence each of the Stakeholders has on the space in which project requirements are being shaped. Robertson also recommend using checklists to increase overall efficiency of identification processes and of working with the Stakeholders.



Stakeholders, Goals, Scope: The Foundation for Requirements and Business Models by James Robertson & Suzanne Robertson.

Author: Veronika Baeva, see original resource in Russian.

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