Hard Things by Easy Words: a stakeholders point of view of an IT project. Part 3

system approach

Continuation. In accordance with the presentation of the system approach, from stakeholders point of view of an IT project, it can be illustrated as follows:

stakeholders point of view

An IT project is a purposeful activity (usually has limitations in volume, budget, time and resources) to create or implement a product (software, systems, services, applications, etc.) of information technologies that meet the needs of stakeholders and solve the business problems within business opportunities.

According to the definition of the system, the elements of the IT project are people and their systems of interests (active stakeholders: the development team, business owners, end users, external stakeholders surrounding reality), processes, data, equipment, services, etc.

I’d like to pay your attention to the locations of key stakeholders in the systems and the criticality of errors in their identification. This is the field of your improvement – better not neglect the hierarchy of systems.

To be continued…

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Author: Veronika Baeva, see original resource in Russian.